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The world of cryptocurrency is getting ready for a massive push into the mainstream. Banks and governments all over the world are beginning to adopt coins for mass-scale use.

The European Union is developing its own E-Euro, the United States and the SEC are looking at using Bitcoin to settle cross-border transactions, and Ethereum and XRP have never looked stronger than now.

With all that, the big question that remains is what China plans to do on the global crypto stage. As one of the world's biggest economies, the CCP is going to need a cryptocurrency to fight against the European Union and the American advancement of the E-Euro and Bitcoin, respectively.

That's where the Yuan Pay App comes in. Yuan Pay Group is the only licensed distributor of E-Yuan in the world, meaning it's the sole way you can invest in the cryptocurrency that China is going to be using in the rapidly approaching cryptocurrency cold war.

The Yuan Pay Group platform is simple to use. It's been designed to allow any level of investor the opportunity to invest in E-Yuan before it's put into play on the world stage, so the sooner you register for an account with us, the better.

Join the Yuan Pay Group Before It's Too Late

With every passing day, the opportunity for you to invest in E-Yuan comes closer to an end. The coin has been built as a cooperative project between many of China's banking conglomerates, meaning it has the technological and financial resources to back it up on the global market.

Once E-Yuan is launched into the global economy, it's going to be much harder to invest in it. The coin is never going to be more affordable than it is now, so you don't want to miss that opportunity.

This isn't something that's unheard of in the crypto world, either. Look at what happened to Bitcoin in 2017. It went from being worth a handful of dollars to being worth five-digits practically overnight.

You're probably kicking yourself for missing out on that the first time around, but now you have a chance to correct that mistake with E-Yuan.

Signing up with the Yuan Pay App is incredibly simple. We don't need you to do any ID or address verification. All we need you to do is fill in a form of basic details like your name, email address, and phone number.

After that, you need to confirm the email we send you to verify your account, make your first deposit, and decide when and how you want to trade.

E-Yuan is the Future

Cryptocurrency is the future of global economics, and E-Yuan is the future of cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin may have been the first coin to make an impact on an international level, it's built on outdated technology that hasn't been built to last.

The energy consumption that the Bitcoin blockchain uses up is not sustainable, while the E-Yuan blockchain is.

The team at Yuan Pay Group has been working tirelessly for over seven years to make sure everything about the currency is cutting edge, work that is going to pay off massively once E-Yuan gets the green light from the Chinese government.

About E-Yuan

E-Yuan began development in 2014. It was a preemptive decision by a number of Chinese financial conglomerates in order to combat China's rapidly rising inflation. However, no one could have predicted the boom of cryptocurrency in 2017, which shifted the focus from a currency that can fix the Chinese economy into a viable global contender to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In an effort to protect the integrity of E-Yuan and prevent an American-backed Bitcoin from infecting the Chinese market, the CCP banned the sale of any cryptocurrencies of ICOs in September of 2017. This has allowed the government to grow E-Yuan in a sterilized environment, letting them remain in control of the coin's development right up until it's released on a global scale.

That launch date is rapidly approaching. Already there have been talks of lifting the cryptocurrency ban, a lift that is going to coincide with the deployment of E-Yuan.

E-Yuan is currently partnered with 910 Banks Worldwide

The team at Yuan Pay Group is responsible not just for the controlled distribution of E-Yuan, but for preparing the global stage for when the coin finally gets released in mass quantities. As a part of these duties, we have been in contact with a number of financial institutions from around the globe.

In our dealings with these institutions and banks, we discuss what kind of technology would help with money transfers, show them E-Yuan and receive feedback on the coin, and if all things go well, we get a partnership with them to guarantee them a set quantity of E-Yuan once the coin goes live.

We've partnered with 910 separate financial groups as of right now, with plenty more on the way.

We're doing everything we can to ensure E-Yuan dominates once it hits the world stage, and we've already got a head start on coins like Bitcoin and XRP.

If you invest with E-Yuan now, you're getting yourself in on the ground floor of what very well may be the world's first standardized global currency.

At the very least, you're getting to back one of the horses in the incoming E-Yuan Vs. Bitcoin battle with a possible return rate unseen in the world of crypto before.

All it takes is a minimum deposit of $250 for you to make your first investment. You can invest any amount over that number, but even if you just stick with that first deposit, you're getting yourself a ticket before the E-Yuan train leaves the station.

How Yuan Pay Group Manages Your Investments

One of the biggest advantages that the Yuan Pay App has over other cryptocurrency brokers is the fact that it only deals in one coin.

Major distributors like Kraken or Coinbase are balancing hundreds of markets on a knife-edge, making it difficult for users to manage their accounts and investments.

That entire process is simplified with the Yuan Pay App. Our platform doesn't need to keep the balance between countless different currency conversions, meaning you don't have to, either.

When you invest in E-Yuan, there's only one graph you need to look at, and it's entirely isolated. The price of E-Yuan isn't influenced by Bitcoin like every other cryptocurrency is thanks to the Chinese government's decision to prevent the coin from trading in the country.

This means that you don't need to know anything about trading or cryptocurrency to invest in E-Yuan. It's as simple as buying an asset instead of trying to theoretically trade it. Your account has all the tools you need to make your investments in a safe and controlled environment, letting you test out E-Yuan trading before you commit to it.

The Yuan Pay Group Software

Yuan Pay Group, the team behind the Yuan Pay App, was set up specifically to assist with the development and early distribution of this coin. The team was built on a national level and included the brightest economic and technological minds in China.

The level of talent on this team is unrivaled by any crypto that has come before it. It's the first example of a coin being a country-wide effort rather than a contained cell in a larger development ecosystem.

The coin has been in development since 2014, so you have a team made up of the greatest minds in China working on a currency and investment platform for seven years. This gives the Yuan Pay App the kind of backing that no other crypto can even come close to.

This backing is only going to increase once the Chinese government lifts the embargo on crypto trading and allows E-Yuan to hit the international markets.

That's not just where the coin gets its value from, though. E-Yuan has been built as a banking solution above all else. During the early development of the coin, it was positioned as an eventual replacement for the depreciation of the renminbi. However, 2017 changed that position, and the team started working on a currency not only to play a part in China's economy but in the global one, as well.

The decision to develop E-Yuan as a banking solution was inspired by the need to drive up the influx of different currencies into the Chinese economy. As the economy in the country gets diversified, there is going to be less of a reliance on the renminbi, and as such, the currency is going to depreciate at a slower pace.

As a banking solution, E-Yuan lets financial and corporate conglomerates make international cash transfers at a fraction of a second regardless of volume and free of any currency conversion rates.

It's an instantaneous way to move billions across the globe, allowing it to be used to settle international debt, as an investment tool, and much more.

The Yuan Pay App is Completely Free

With other cryptocurrency platforms, whether mainstream or alternative, you're going to be expected to pay a number of different fees during your time in the system.

You might have to pay a signup fee or a subscription fee. However, by far, the most common types of charges you incur are on your trading.

You typically get charged a percentage when you make a deposit, when you make a trade, and when you make a withdrawal. When you combine that with the natural charge that the blockchain is going to take from you to move the money, and you're losing all of your investment profit just by using and moving your currencies around.

This kind of trap is prevalent even in the biggest and most reputable cryptocurrency trading brokers out there.

However, the Yuan Pay App isn't like these other brokers. We aren't a fully privatized entity with the sole function of making a profit.

Yuan Pay Group is a part of a much larger project designed to embolden the Chinese economy. It's not a group set up to turn a profit. Instead, our sole purpose is to carefully control the early distribution of E-Yuan, allowing it to be finalized in response to investment feedback, all the while bringing in extra international investments before the CCP decides to launch the coin globally.

Our goal isn't to drive a profit for ourselves; it's to bring more money into China, something which we're doing simply by offering the E-Yuan investment service. This allows the Yuan Pay Group team to offer the system completely free of charge for you to use.

What you deposit is what you get to invest on Yuan Pay. We don't hit you with any kind of charges or hidden fees; you keep 100% of anything you put on the system.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Invest in E-Yuan

Back in 2017, there were people that saw the signs of a Bitcoin boom coming, but they didn't invest. That's a decision that is going to haunt them for the rest of their days and not one that you want to be playing on your mind.

Even if you only invest $250, you're guaranteeing yourself some kind of return on investment if E-Yuan blows up the same way.

Even if you have no interest in cryptocurrency whatsoever, the last thing you want to do is miss out on what could be the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Signing up only takes 10 minutes, so make your account today and secure your investment in E-Yuan before it's too late.

How to Use the Yuan Pay App

Register and activate your account

The first thing you need to do is fill out our registration form. This includes some basic information about yourself, but most importantly, it lets us know your email address and phone number so that we can verify your account. After you fill in the form, you're going to receive an activation email. Click on the link in that email, and your account is going to be up and running.

Make your first deposit

Once that's done, you need to make your first deposit on the Yuan Pay App platform. Our minimum deposit limit is $250, so you can invest anything over that number. You can make a deposit through a number of different methods, so you have options available to you.

Start trading

After your deposit hits your account, you're done! All you have to do is start trading. Keep an eye on the E-Yuan chart and set your account up to invest at a point you feel comfortable with. After that, you can leave your account alone while the system executes that trade for you.

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